Kelley J. Leigh

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Rear View Mirrors

rear view mirror

    Too Brief to Measure The cry will be a relief. Even so, I dread it like a natural catastrophe. I sit in the back seat of our family truckster, knees propped against the drivers seat. I sit there because my legs are the shortest in the family. We are on our way to drop off my third son […]

Writing on the Wall

isaac timelapse

  I try to write a note as each of my sons move out of the house (even if they end up coming back for seasons here and there). Here, the latest benediction to one of my sons.  For Isaac, about to head for college; a word to the one who paints the walls of life and gives voice for […]

Guitar Picks

Originally posted October 2009. The Evidence of Music Guitar Picks in the Dryer The pile by the door was everything he needed. An amp, guitar cases, backpack, stage cases, and a computer. The morning sun wasn’t up. Wind and snow whistled by the door as it opened and closed and opened again. The pile shifted from our door into the […]