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Writing on the Wall

isaac timelapse

  I try to write a note as each of my sons move out of the house (even if they end up coming back for seasons here and there). Here, the latest benediction to one of my sons.  For Isaac, about to head for college; a word to the one who paints the walls of life and gives voice for […]

Dirt and Stars

star sky

  I am a mountain trail runner. I don’t run every day. But regular seasons of running help keep my brain clear and my soul fed. I also write a lot about dirt. I love how dirt is the stuff of both gardens and graves; the material of life and death. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Here, a ramble of […]

When Cats Disappear


Where I share a quick thought regarding the sad disappearance of Cat who was, after all, just a cat. Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later. Mary Bly We only meant to borrow him. Our house had a mouse problem so I asked my friend, Kandi, if we could use one of […]

Umbilical: Lessons from a Deathbed


  Umbilical 18 Days in December   Those days bleed together in my mind the way the blood slowly pooled in her body after her heart stopped. I sit at my writing desk and sift through recent piles of wedding programs, Christmas cards, and funeral notes. I sort the collision of occasions like an upturned puzzle of sons and mothers, […]

Peek Inside My Writer’s Stretch Book

motherhood sketch

Come in. Welcome to my writer’s studio. Take a peek inside my sketch book. Recently, I added a really beneficial pre-writing stretch to my process that I want to share with you. First, you need to know I am not an official visual artist. I have a beautiful handful of professional artist friends who work as mural artists, painters, children’s book illustrators, a sculptor, […]

Concerning Roses | A Eulogy


The following post is simply the eulogy I did at my mother-in-law‘s funeral. I received requests to share it.  So here it is, in entirety. The Backstory: My husband and sister-in-law asked me to read “Between Roses“, an article I wrote about their mom a few months ago.  In an effort to re-write the ending of that article, the day […]

The Flight of Tea Cups

Sometimes treasured things must shatter (1)

All That Remains I discovered the set of four oddly shaped blue mugs at a thrift shop and purchased them with a couple dollars and a bit of guilty pleasure. The bubbly hand-blown glass begged to be filled. So this morning I dropped in a tea bag and poured steaming water into my new old cup. In a blink, without warning, […]

Fat American Christians at the Top of the World

barr camp

  Night Light Pike National Forest, Colorado Every night outside my living room window, at the top of what the Ute Indians called the ‘Great Peak’ one lone light flickers.  Across miles of foothills, above tundra and timberline, a single white light shines visibly in the distance. It hangs just above the highest point of the peak like a far off […]

Permanent Marks

4 sons

  Sons Parenting young adults is a different kind of parenting altogether. I wrote the first draft of this piece a few years ago, shortly after Second Son left home for the first time.  First Son had already left and come back and left again, as happens in the early twenties when the distance between home stays gets longer and longer. […]

Guitar Picks

Originally posted October 2009. The Evidence of Music Guitar Picks in the Dryer The pile by the door was everything he needed. An amp, guitar cases, backpack, stage cases, and a computer. The morning sun wasn’t up. Wind and snow whistled by the door as it opened and closed and opened again. The pile shifted from our door into the […]